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1970 Winnebago Towable - Rosie

Owned by Timalee Jeff & Anna Marie Hustin

Happy and proud new owners- July 2018
Our starting point for design
Paint day- August 2018
Painting day
Dining room in progress
Kitchen in progress
Tail light detail
Amazing detail dreamed up and created by Jeff. These are functioning 'sunglasses' with a view straight through. Vintage jewelry details.
Sisters on the Fly campout Lost Dutchman State Park Dec. 2018
Decal detail and ready for happy hour!

Mechanical Specs

Looking for a family project, Jeff and Anna Marie Hustin, and Jeff's sister Timalee took a drive to Catalina AZ to look at a 1970 Winnebago Towable. It was to be the first and only camper they'd look at!


The 3 new owners each pitched 3 ideas for themes and a Rockabilly theme was chosen. The trio started with an initial drawing and exploded into color in real life from there. Experienced in painting off road race cars, Jeff led the efforts to bring Rosie to life. Details evolve and will for some...

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Ride Show Schedule

Rosie has been shown at the Vintage Trailer show at La Siesta campground in Arivaca and she'll be shown next on the Sunshine Mile in October at the Vintage Trailer show there.

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